double whammy

very productive day for once...

not for the meek!

reader beware, youre in for a scare.


pee n' jump

tried to skate, bruised my heel.

went swimming...

if you had any sort of attraction to kholton or connor, all is lost when watching urine run down their legs as they laugh to themselves.

after that i guess you're free to jump at will.

then we dorked off at airway heights, where everyone had a brent atchley contest, which means your back foot is constantly of the board. connor won with a brent whilst hitting on the airway honeys.

lucas is nice.



i went to bubba's house show and this is what came of it. the bands that played were: ivory towers, flee the century, dead commuter, and monarcs, all were excellent.

im not going to describe every photo, but my favorite is justin hynes smashing his head against his keyboard.<3



i found a way to upload my photos again...eesh.

some are from a swimming trip with the eternal kiddos...

i weep for the future, and one of the new faces in tiga style.

my lens isnt dirty, his glasses are.
we've been filming alot, watchout!

bens idea of "climbing a tree".