went to fairfeild the other day and actually skated without my heart freakin out. sherm held it down...
i cut my hair.
got it beaded up...

did some art.

nich did his thang...
and found this picture of myself at my dads house....
oh boy.<3



so yesterday i was hospitalized for my little "heart attacks", the technical term is supraventrical techachardia. basically my heart has too many pathways and when it gets above 100 beats per minute, it doesnt know which ones to go through, so it just beats hella fast so it can get through all of them. this is my heart at about 170 bpm, it was like this for about an hour, it got up to 180 when i looked at the monitor.
this is my heart at 100 bpm, still way above the normal rate, which should be between 60-80, but you can see the difference & how fast my heart was going.

basically they had to inject me with medicine that stopped my heart and let it start anew with a slower beat. when they stopped my heart my blood obviously stopped moving and all my muscles clenched up and i felt really heavy.

so now, i guess im just gonna chill out till i go to the cardiologist to get a procedure thatll make it go away. YAYYYY<3


curtie bear

curtis is not human, see the resemblance to jeffree star?....i do.



bored and too lazy to grab my watercolors so i made this...



probably one of the most legit trips ever, very fun.